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Hida Tool Tosa 6.5" Bunka, Kurouchi CRBN
Tosa 6.5" Bunka Carbon Kurouchi

Tosa 6.5" Bunka Carbon Kurouchi

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A bunka style knife is an all purpose knife just like the santoku style designed for everyday cooking and can be used to cut fish, meat and vegetables.

The Tosa knives are made of high carbon steel cutting edge, laminated to hammered iron. These knives are well known for their durability and long lasting cutting edge. They are also easy to sharpen. Please make sure to clean and wipe the moisture off the blade after each use to prevent rusts on the blade.


Blade material: High carbon steel core ( White shirogami), laminated with soft iron (Wrought iron)

Blade length: 6.5"

Overall length: 12"

Overall weight: 0.3lbs

Blade bevel: Both

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