Kikuichi Cutlery


Kikuichi offers multiple series of quality cutlery influenced by two styles of blade-making: Western and Traditional Japanese.

Perfect Edge offers both!!



Western Style 

GW Series:



NWD Series:

Nickle Warikomi Damascus

WGAD Series:

Warikomi Elite Damascus Tsuchime

GS Series:

Swedish Gold Warikomi

WG Series:

Elite Warikomi Gold

GM Series:

Molybdenum Stainless

SEM Series:


GC Series:

Carbon Steel

KURO Series:

Kurouchi Carbon Steel

GKAD Series:

Gold Kokaji Damascus

KOKAJI Series:

Gold Kokaji Damascus



Traditional Japanese Style

Honyaki Series:

Single Steel Marvels: Blue, Silver, & White

Ginsan Series:

Silver Steel Dual Clad

Kasumi Series:

Top Quality White and Blue Carbon Dual Clad

Kasumitogi Series:

Standard White Carbon Steel Dual Clad

Tatsutogi Series:

Carbon Steel Dual Clad

WH Series:

Elite Warikomi Gold with Ho-wood