Collection: Toor Knives

After continually encountering extremely expensive knives in the marketplace, with long production times always attached to them, Connor Toor decided to take matters into his own hands. He started by building a forge in his backyard and then began crafting blades with a hammer and anvil. At that moment, Toor Knives was born, founded on the basic principle of manufacturing hard use blades in the USA, at an affordable price. 

Connor’s initial inspiration was fueled by a growing frustration of seeing teammates in the Marine Corps having to rely on mass-produced knives that were unfit for mission-specific tasks. So, he began tinkering with blades and crafting designs to improve store-bought and military-issued tactical knives. Knowing this would only take him so far, Connor decided to start developing blade designs that would meet all the demands of his job in the Marine Corps. He dug deep into his own experiences, pooled wisdom from his teammates, as well as his Army Ranger brother and developed a list of everything they felt a tactical knife needed to be. 

Admittedly, the first few blades were far from pretty but eventually, a family of quality knives were created to fit the needs of operators and sportsmen/women from around the world. Like every business, we’ve certainly had our share of ups and downs since our humble beginnings, but we now have over 30 incredibly talented craftsmen and women, engineers, machinists and bladesmiths under the Toor Knives roof, here in Connor’s hometown of San Diego, CA.