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Mcusta Zanmai Modern Molybdenum Series

Blade Features

Blade Material: Molybdenum, Vanadium, Stainless steel
The blade is made from molybdenum, and vanadium rich stainless steel alloy. Molybdenum, vanadium are added to a stainless steel to enhance the steels anti-corrosion, durability, edge retention, and overall hardness. Once the steel reaches the right temperature The steel is hand drawn by skilled craftsmen. Resulting in a razor sharp blade edge, and an over all finish we at Mcusta are proud to offer.

Features of the Handle

Black Pakkawood; three rivet: Full tang. We developed the balance, weight, and handle design from thousands of opinions of kitchen industry professionals. Each and every handle is polished, finished, and made individually to offer best fit to the hands of our knife users.