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Mcusta Zanmai Ultimate Aranami Coreless (Rough Seas)

Blade Features

Blade Material: Coreless
Steel Handle Material: Red plywood blade material

This is a newly developed material in which coreless steel VG-10 and VG-2 alternately overlap. It is very tough and as the name says, there is no core metal and all layers are baked. It is also characterized by a clearer pattern than available in available Damascus materials. We expressed the wave of ancient Japanese motifs with our unique forging technology.


Features of the Handle

We use our highest grade handles. A combination of octagonal handle and mouth and buttocks used in high-end kitchen knives. The pattern and buttocks are decorated with mosaic pins and are particular about the details. The balance and weight are very nice and we have finished it as our representative product.

With high-quality paulownia box perfect for gifts

It is with a high-paying paulownia box that the kitchen knife can be neatly put in. I put it in a special carton case and deliver it.