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Sharpening Stones

Peak-knife care and maintenance is in the Zen of sharpening your own knives and tools.

Owning sharpening stones, in all the right grits, armed with all the correct and diligent technique is a tall order, but extremely rewarding.

Given the high technical bar, patience is key, but so are the stones themselves. That is what Perfect Edge is here for - both offering excellent selections for sharpening and referring advice to where one can learn more - not to mention, we can fix any accidents made while stone sharpening in a fraction of the time with our professional sharpening & repair service. (Click here to learn more about our sharpening service)

Whether one is just interested or starting out, they can indeed facilitate and build the technique required to successfully sharpen and repair their own edges with the right selection and approach. With a little care and practice, and a lot of patience, one can explore the craft of sharpening through stones.

Stones are the perfect choice for sharpening knives and other fine tools. Many professionals and hobbyist can attest. With multiple grits, progressing from coarser to finer, and options with either a high-grade or good-enough-to-work-with material, stone sharpening produces precise and accurate edges with each stroke. The method requires a technical consistency above all else, otherwise one risks ruining their knives, or doing a lot of work for sub-par and unsafe results.

Some may even say sharpening is a lifestyle, indeed, a Zen that has more rewards than simply restoring a fine edge. Either way, Perfect Edge is here for the adventure!