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Mcusta Zanmai Revolution Series

Blade Features

Blade Material: Super Gold (3Layers)

Blade Material SPG2 is a world-popular material SPG2. This series is especially requested by chefs. With 3 layers of steel the powder material is 61°. The sharpness is of the highest quality and delicate. The contrast between the blade and the blade on the surface is just like a Japanese sword.

Handle Material: Green Micarta(G) Red Pakkawood(R)  Black Pakkawood(B) 

Features of the handle: The revolution handle is finished in a handle like no other using our unique technology. The 10-angle handle is the first ergonomic design in history to balance and weigh easily. There are three types of materials: black plywood, red plywood and green micarta. There are three types of mosaic pins. Please give it a try.