Collection: Nano Hone

Nano Hone Advanced Abrasives is a family operated surfaces manufacturer designing every component of sharpening systems for chefs, woodworkers, and scissor sharpeners alike. 
The designs are drawn and created by Harrelson "Hap" Stanley, and all machined parts are manufactured and processed in Massachusetts. Hap established and operated Shapton USA for over a decade, and now with over thirty years of experience in sharpening and design, his knowledge has culminated in the creation of Nano Hone products. 
Offering stones, stages, ponds, and plates of various functions, we provide everything required for a substantial or casual sharpening station. 
Nano is in reference to the small scale at which we take measurements to check the flatness of our stones and plates (most of which have height differentials of only a few microns!) To Hone is to sharpen, and we believe that the lessons in sharpening apply to those of any zen practice. Sharpen your edge, sharpen your mind. 
On another level, upon microscopic observations, Hap Stanley saw what happens to consistency of performance of a ceramic whetstone over time. It has been shown that the flatter the stone, the more efficient each stroke is on the stone. 
We believe that maintenance keeps your mind clean and your sharpening cleaner. 

Efficiency is integral to flow. Complete your system today