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Perfect Edge Sharpening Systems

PE-2 Tower

For the fastest, most thorough culinary knife sharpening system, own the Perfect Edge Tower!

Designed for high volume, high quality culinary sharpening output.
• Intended for factory/ store/ shop/ mobile sharpening service.
• Proven system that maximizes profitability and efficiency, backed by a 30 year proof-of-concept.
• Capabilities include: blade repairs, restorations, thinning, serrations, single-bevels, ceramics, forged bolsters, and scissors.
• Includes a comprehensive, ready-to-use system with supervised training and after training support.
• Demo video available!
Contact us at: (800) 998-3343
153 South Boulevard San Mateo, CA 94402
The Sharpening Base
The Expander Wheel
The Deburring Wheel
The Edging Wheel
The Serrating Wheel

Abrasives and Supplies

Standard PE-2 Tower Abrasives: Ceramic belts in 60, 80, 120, and 180 grit available in packs of 10.
Specialty PE-2 Tower Abrasives: 400 grit diamond and 2000 grit belts available in singles.
PE-2 Tower Standard Deburring Supplies: Cotton Deburring Wheel (5 pack makes one) and Green Sharpening Paste.

PE-Serrating Tower*

This station is designed to be used in addition to the PE-2 Tower, or for high volume serration work.
The PE-Serrating Tower includes  two wheels and two drums.
* Does not come with lighting or dust collection.


 The PE-Serrating Tower can utilize various wheels and drums to service virtually any type of serration.


Contact us at: (800) 998-3343
153 South Boulevard San Mateo, CA 94402

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