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The origins and main thrust of Perfect Edge is the well-renowned professional knife sharpening service. It is what started it all.

With over 25 years of experience, Perfect Edge is an invaluable resource for a variety of needs and interests and offers a wide range of services around professional knife sharpening. 

Today, Perfect Edge offers the quality sharpening service, unlike any others, which is designed to reach the most kitchens possible. For the full story, click here.



In the quick demonstration video below, owner and lead sharpening technician, Mike Solaegui, reviews some (of many) qualities of service that make Perfect Edge sharpening unique. 






 At our San Mateo location, you can drop off knives for sharpening. Typically, the turn around is 24 hours, but during the COVID19 pandemic, we have curbside sharpening while you wait. Click here to see service prices and times of availability.



Over the years, Perfect Edge has established regional partnerships that serve as alternative locations for sharpening service.
Customers can access the same service provided in our San Mateo store, at different places across the Bay Area.
Specific locations vary with their service dates: some hold weekly, biweekly, or monthly recurring appointments. Please plan to drop off any day before the scheduled service date, and pick up any day after. Due to variance in our commercial routes, the sharpening technician visiting that day cannot guarantee times for service.
Please check out our drop-off locations here for the specific times and place.



One of the earliest efforts at expanding access to our sharpening services, Perfect Edge hosts monthly appearances at different Farmers' Markets regionally.

Currently, we are hosted by three in the Bay Area: Temescal in the east Bay, Palo Alto on the peninsula, and Saint Helena's in the valley.

Click here to find out more details, or sign up to receive reminder notifications (text/email) so you do not miss us at the Farmers' Markets.