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Meglio 8" MAGNACUT Cuchillo De La Muerte Gyuto

Meglio 8" MAGNACUT Cuchillo De La Muerte Gyuto

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Meglio Knives are handcrafted in Oceanside, California, using the best steels available. CEO and founder Brandon Hampton has been developing blades for the culinary world & military for well over a decade. There is no question they err on the side of innovation. Their whole business is built around sourcing, creating, and using the best possible materials. As new materials and technologies adapt or are created, they are the first to adopt them into our operations. They use cutting edge technology to provide our consumers with blades made out of the best materials possible and will continue to do so with the evolution of technology and science. Every item that leaves their facility is hand made and quality controlled.

This beautiful 8" gyuto is made with Magnacut, the latest stainless steel that has high abilities to outperform any carbon and tool steels. Due to a low chromium content, Magnacut has a high level of toughness which leads to excellent edge retention. It is also very resistant to rust, stains and corrosion.


Black (food safe) DLC
Sugar Skull Engraving


Blade Length: 8.0"
Overall Length: 13.25"
Spine Thickness: .110"

Bevel (Angle Ratio)

Inside of 20 degrees


G-Carta Serape Handle titanium hardware
HRC 62-64


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