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Mcusta ZanMai Aranami 240mm Gyuto
Mcusta ZanMai Aranami Handle
Mcusta ZanMai Aranami Presentation Box

Mcusta Zanmai Ultimate Aranami 240mm Gyuto

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Blade Features

Blade Material: Coreless VG-10/VG-2 Overlapping 

This is a newly developed material in which VG-10 and VG-2 alternately overlap creating a coreless blade. The blade is very tough and as the name says, there is no core metal and all layers are baked.  We expressed the wave of ancient Japanese motifs with our unique forging technology.

Features of the Handle

Handle Material: We use our highest grade handles. The middle section and butt are decorated with mosaic pins. The balance and weight counter the blade effectively for a well balanced chef knife 

High-quality Paulownia presentation box : A Beautiful paulownia presentation box that your new knife can be neatly put in. Allows for Safe shipping/transporting as well as a fun discussion starter.

Length 395mm
Blade length 240mm
Weight 225g

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