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Dragon Classic 6" Gokujo (Fillet/Boning Knife)

Dragon Classic 6" Gokujo (Fillet/Boning Knife)

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Every Dragon knife is crafted with a specific purpose to suit the needs of the modern American kitchen. The habits and preferences of home cooks and professional chefs alike, played a role in shaping each blade, ultimately, to produce tools that perform better and last longer.

The original Dragon series still remains extremely popular for those who prefer a heftier, thicker blade, with a pronounced positive-bow ("big belly") lending itself to an excellent rocking geometry in the all-purpose blades. Nothing beats the Classic's performance, which is backed up by the BD1N nitrogen steel, the fine-grained metal with 63 HRC Rockwell hardness promising a razor-sharp blade with superior edge retention.


CTS-BD1N nitrogen-infused stainless steel



Bevel (Angle Ratio)

Double (50:50)


Black Micarta

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