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Bob Kramer 6 Piece Sharpening Stone Kit

Bob Kramer 6 Piece Sharpening Stone Kit

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Japanese water stones are an efficient and effective tool for keeping your knives sharp. Using just a few drops of water (no soaking necessary), your knives will be sharp in a matter of minutes - no oil necessary. This Kramer by ZWILLING set features a coarse 400-grit glass stone for dull knives or for reshaping blades, a finer 1,000-grit glass stone for honing, and a 5000-grit glass stone for finishing touches. The bamboo sharpening stone sink bridge holds the stones when in use. Also included in this set is the easy-to-follow Sharpening Instructional DVD by master bladesmith, Bob Kramer.

  • Set includes 400-grit, 1000-grit, and 5000-grit glass sharpening stones, bamboo sharpening stone sink bridge, and Bob Kramer instructional DVD.

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