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Victorinox 10" Oval Diamond Rod w/ Hollow Core

Victorinox 10" Oval Diamond Rod w/ Hollow Core

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Victorinox offers a variety of sharpening rods (Diamond), supplying these tools for professional chefs and butchers alike. The looped end is perfect for easy hanging when not in use. The hollow core, significantly lightens the tool's weight for easier use.

Home chefs can indulge, but buyer beware: These are abrasive surfaces, and unlike honing rods, Diamond rods require technical knowledge in sharpening to be used and produce effective results. Absent of this technical know-how, a misused Diamond rod can damage a knife’s existing edge and misshape its geometry, rendering it dangerous and ineffective for the job in the kitchen.

Perfect Edge Cutlery recommends caution when using Diamond abrasives. Professionals and home chefs alike, are not typically interested in removing unnecessary amounts of metal from their blades. Most prefer a longer life of the knife, which the misuse of a Diamond can shorten dramatically. 

Rod Cut/Grit


Rod Shape





Black Polypropylene

CAUTION - Not dishwasher safe.

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