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Mcusta Zanmai Ultimate Unkai 110mm (4.25") Petty
Mcusta Zanmai Ultimate Unkai 110mm (4.25") Petty

Mcusta Zanmai Ultimate Unkai 110mm (4.25") Petty

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Mcusta Zanmai's Ultimate Unkai (Sea of Clouds) is their everything series. The name Unkai was given because the combined damascus and tsuchime (hammered) pattern leaves a hazy finish. All the traditional, unique markers of quality Japanese cutlery are featured here, guaranteeing a premier performance and aesthetic.

Unkai maintains the 32-layers of Damascus steel folded over a VG10 core, common to most of their other series like Classic Damascus and Pro Damascus. 

Mcusta Zanmai outfits Unkai with their highest-grade handles. A combination of an octagonal Wa handle sandwiched between a gorgeous ferrule and endcap. The handle and endcap are inlayed with mosaic pins showing their great attention to detail. The blade-heavy balance found in traditional Japanese cutlery, measures Unkai as their heaviest line in the entire collection. 

Unkai is their representative series detailing their pride in craft, fit, and finish packaged in a decorative Paulownia Box.


32 Layers Damascus Stainless-Steel; VG-10 Core Steel; Tsuchime finish


VG10 Stainless-Steel



Bevel (Ratio)

Double (50:50)


Octagonal Wa, Red Pakkawood and endcap with mosaic inlays

**Do Not Wash in a Dishwasher. Hone with fine ceramic rods.

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