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Mcusta Zanmai Hybrid Splash 240mm (9.5") Sujihiki

Mcusta Zanmai Hybrid Splash 240mm (9.5") Sujihiki

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Mcusta Zanmai’s Hybrid Splash is really the talk of the series with its strikingly lofty aesthetic and grounded performance. A cladded blade with 32 unique wave patterned stainless Damascus layers and VG10 core steel for reliable performance and low upkeep.

The handles are from a traditional Wa starting point, but round out halfway down toward the end, making for a familiar feel and simultaneously, a gripping experience.


32 Layers Damascus Stainless-Steel; VG-10 Core Steel


VG-10 High-Carbon Stainless-Steel



Bevel (Ratio)

Double (50:50)


Octagonal Wa, rounded end, Black Pakkawoodw/ Mosaic Inlay

**Dishwasher not recommended.

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