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Mcusta Zanmai Classic Premium Damascus Ironwood 270mm (10.5") Sujihiki

Mcusta Zanmai Classic Premium Damascus Ironwood 270mm (10.5") Sujihiki

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Mcusta Zanmai’s Classic Damascus series is stunning in both performance and aesthetic. The striking appeal of the Damascus blades with either their highlighting or contrasting handles, would make a fine addition to any kitchen. At the same time, the elegant performance of these hand-finished blades meets or exceed the needs of professionals and home-chefs alike.

As a part of Zanmai’s cutlery collection that features 33-layers of steel with a VG-10 core, the Classic Damascus series is available in riveted white Corian or Ironwood handles. This type of blade construction, complete with a full-tang, adds a bit of weight and balances out well. It cuts very fine and is responsive to standard honing techniques.


32 Layers Damascus Stainless-Steel; VG-10 Core Steel


VG-10 High-Carbon Stainless-Steel



Bevel (Ratio)

Double (50:50)


Triple-Riveted, Ironwood

Dishwasher not recommended.

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