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Mcusta Zanmai Beyond Blue 210mm (8.25") Gyuto
Mcusta Zanmai Beyond Blue 210mm (8.25") Gyuto
Mcusta Zanmai Beyond Blue 210mm (8.25") Gyuto

Mcusta Zanmai Beyond Blue 210mm (8.25") Gyuto

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Mcusta Zanmai’s “Beyond Blue” series is innovative and traditional at the same time. Beyond expectations and yet firmly fashioned after tradition; it is exceptionally thin, lightweight, sharp, sporting a K-Tip and curved blade profiles for clean slicing and fine cuts.

Beyond’s blades are sanmai construction, cladded with stainless on the outside safeguarding the Super Aogami (Blue#2 carbon) steel in the core (HRC 64) and hosting a mirror polish edge, which will give way to a natural patina with use.

These blades are complemented with a traditional, octagonal Wa handle made from non-stabilized natural wood, accessorized by a decorative pin, and twisted for remarkable comfort.

While not a workhorse knife, it can assist in the most delicate jobs and thinnest cuts for both professionals and avid home chefs. The Beyond series performs as expected from hand-finished Japanese cutlery and has great edge retention to stay slicing longer.


Sanmai Stainless Steel jacket, Blue#2 core


Mirrored-polished Super (Blue#2) Aogami



Bevel (Ratio)

Double (50:50)


Twisted Octagonal Hinoki Wood
Stainless steel ferrule
Decorative Mosaic Pin

**Dishwasher not recommended. Sharpen with leather strop or whetstones, hone with fine ceramic rods. Make sure to wipe the blade often and keep dry at all times. Patina (discoloration) is normal and can form on exposed carbon steel edge.

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