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Mcusta MC-0161D

Mcusta 3.25" VG10 Damascus, BLK ALUM

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nife folding Mcusta MC-0161D TSUCHI (hammer) , handle anodized aluminum

The main difference between Mcusta knives and mass-produced blades is the ideal fit of each element of the knife. At first, all components of the blade are cut with a laser beam with incredible accuracy, inaccessible to any even the most accurate conveyor. Then the Japanese craftsmen manually collect each knife and sharpen it.

Mcusta mainly uses Japanese VG-10 steel to make blades. In more expensive models it is used as a central layer, and the lining is made of decorative Damascus steel in 32 layers. Both natural materials and high-tech developments are used to make the handles of blades. The handle of your Mcusta knife can be made of wood of valuable rock or stabilized wood, stainless steel or mikarta - you have the right to choose the material that is best for you.


Steel Hardness, HRC 59-60
Mount Clip
The lining Damascus Steel
The length of the blade, see 9
The type of castle Liner lock
Steel VG-10
Country producer Japan
Hand material Anodized aluminium

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