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Mcusta MC-0125G

Mcusta Elite 3.7" Ironwood, SPG2, FLDR

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This version of the Mcusta Tactility is enhanced with a special blade with a SPG2-powder steel blade. An extremely hard type of steel that retains its sharpness well. The core is laminated in between two layers of softer steel. As such you benefit from the hardness of the core and the flexibility of the laminated steel. To finish this remarkable steel Mcusta also enhanced it with a hammered finish.

The deep-carry pocket clip is located at the far edge of the Tactility. As such the knife almost completely disappears in your pocket. The nicely shaped pocket clip can also be attached on the other side of the knife (left/right).

The Japanese Mcusta (Machine Custom Knives) produces stylish, top-quality knives. Enhanced with stunning materials such as graceful damast, micarta, anodized aluminium and remarkable types of wood. Mcusta knives are produced in Seki, ever since the 13th century in the centre of the Japanese knife industry. At Mcusta they pay a lot of attention to details. As such there is a lot of manual labour involved. The result is a remarkable pocket knife brand that produces gentleman's knives with a unique Japanese design. You will never find them like this anywhere else.

Material handle desert ironwood
Type of steel Stainless damask, VG10
Hardness 60 HRC
Weight 105 grams
Blade height 2.5 cm
Blade length 9.4 cm
Closed length 11.5 cm
Cutting edge length 8.5
Blade thickness 3 mm
Total length 20.7 cm

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