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Mcusta MC-0202G

Mcusta 3.75" Damask Steel, SPG2, FLDR

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The stunning damascus steel handle stands out. It is enhanced with what Mcusta calls a bamboo pattern. This means, quite literally, that the handle is shaped like a piece of bamboo. It doesn't only look great, it also offers enough grip.

The knife can easily be opened by left and right-handed users with the blue anodized thumb stud. A liner lock ensures that the blade doesn't close when you don't want it to. You can also close the knife using only one hand.

This version is enhanced with a remarkable blade with a core made from SPG2-powdered steel. An extremely hard type of steel that retains its sharpness for a long time. The core is laminated in between two layers of softer steel. As such you benefit from the hardness of the core and the flexibility of the laminated steel. When opened the blade is locked by a linerlock.

Material handle damask steel
Type of steel SGPS
Hardness 62 HRC


Weight 170 grams
Blade height 2.2 cm
Blade length 9 cm
Closed length 12 cm
Cutting edge length 8.5
Blade thickness 2.7 mm
Total length 21 cm

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