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Kikuichi 67 Layer Mirror Damascus Tsuchime 135mm (5.25") Petty

Kikuichi 67 Layer Mirror Damascus Tsuchime 135mm (5.25") Petty

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These are some of the finest blades ever made at Kikuichi. With a 67-layer, hand-hammered mirror finish they sparkle on the wall and in the hand. The lighter than average blades make your cooking prep an absolute pleasure. The Octagonal Ho-wood Magnolia handle is made by traditional handle craftsmen and recalls the old style with its water buffalo ferrule, while the AUS10 core steel is a modern material made to withstand even the longest mise en place. 

This will quickly become your new favorite knife to use and display in your kitchen. 

Blade 67 Layers
Edge AUS10
Layers Nickel Damascus
HRC 60
Bevel Double
Bevel Angle Ratio 50:50
Handle Octagonal Wa Handle 
Water Buffalo Horn Ferrule

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