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Friedrich Dick (F. Dick) 1905 Series 8.5" Carving Knife

Friedrich Dick (F. Dick) 1905 Series 8.5" Carving Knife

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A linking of tradition and modernism, with the new edition of a historic design: In 1905 Friedr. Dick developed a series of chefs knives without the traditional rivets replacing them with eye catching collars. Linking traditional design and modern technologies is the new edition of a classic product. 

The sharp, thin blade can be used to carve meat such as ham and roasts into perfect, thin slices, thus reducing the loss of delicious meat juices. Even large pieces are no challenge for the carving knife and its sharpness.

For added safety and control,  the perfectly-balanced, injection-molded gap-free hygienic handle ensures a secure grip without compromising comfort. This knife also features distinctive steel rings and a half-bolster-finger guard for easy re-sharpening.

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