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F. Dick 1905 7" Santoku Hollow Edge
F. Dick 1905 Handle

F. Dick 1905 7" Santoku, Hollow Edge

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Featuring a kullen edge that creates a cushion of air which prevents food from sticking to the knife, this Santoku knife allows for especially fine cutting and is perfectly suited for slicing thin vegetables, fruits and herbs.

It has a  7" blade, made of high-end German XCrMoVMn stainless steel that is optimally sharpened and a well-balanced polypropylene handle that makes it the perfect tool for for prepping sushi and other Asian delicacies. 

  • German XCrMoVMn stainless steel blade
  • 7" Blade length
  • Kullenschliff edge
  • Polypropylene handle
  • Distinctive stainless steel rings on handle
  • Well-balanced and optimally sharpened

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