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Dexter 4" Oyster, Boston

Dexter Sani-Safe 4" Oyster Knife Boston Style

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Shucking oysters are much more pleasurable when you use an oyster knife with the right features. Shucking is the action of prying open oysters and separating their meat from the shell. The blade of an oyster knife is beveled yet dull, so the delicate muscle of the oyster will not become damaged when shucking. At the blade’s end, the pointed or rounded tip is curved slightly upward which helps to unhinge the oyster and slice through its muscle. It is highly recommended you use the knife type designed for the right shell. 

The Boston Pattern

This knife is an American favorite, the Boston is very versatile. Its long narrow blade can be used to shuck any type or size of oyster.  Its pear shaped handle makes it comfortable to grip and hold. 

  • High carbon steel blade with long oval-round or pear shaped handle
  • Can use any shucking method with this knife, except side-knife method
  • Good grip on handle
  • Forward bulge in the handle serves as a stabilizing thumb rest
  • Narrow body behind it enhances a good grip for the rest of the fingers
  • Rear of the handle is bulged again for good support in the base of the palm
  • Slightly convex blade
  • Not as sharp blade
  • Gradually narrows towards tip, flat rounded tip


Dexter Russell Sani-Safe handles are used in commercial kitchens all over the world. You’ve seen that signature white handle in all types of restaurants, sub shops, pizza shops as well as home kitchens. Sani-Safe handles feature a textured, slip-resistant, easy to clean polypropylene handle that withstands high and low temperatures.  The impervious blade to handle seal provides the utmost in sanitary qualification and earns the NSF seal.  One of the largest collections in the vast Dexter Russell product line – it’s no wonder they’ve been making quality products since 1818!

  • Sure grip textured handles
  • Protective finger guard
  • Proprietary DEXSTEEL blade
  • Hand honed to the ultimate edge
  • Many Dexter Sani-Safe products are available in HACCP colors

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