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Kikuichi Tatsutogi 100mm Kaisaki

Kikuichi Tatsutogi 100mm Kaisaki

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A kaisaki has a short blade that somewhat resembles a miniature yanagi. It was originally designed for the preparation of shellfish but over time, chefs have adopted it for garnish preparation.

Tatsutogi is Kikuichi's most cost-effective traditional single bevel series. Hand-forged in the sword-making tradition from two pieces of carbon steel, the tatsutogi series also features many uncommon, specialty knife shapes. With a soft steel as the edge, these are easier to sharpen, making them good beginner Japanese knives.

Professional Lifespan 3+ Years
Blade 2 Layers; Hand-Forged
Edge SK Carbon Steel
Spine Soft Carbon Steel
HRC 57-60
Bevel (Bevel Ratio) Double (50:50)
Handle Wa Handle
Japanese Magnolia
Water Buffalo Horn or Resin Ferrule

CAUTION - Blade will patina and may rust if left wet. This is NOT a stainless steel. Always hand-wash and hand-dry knives. Use caution when cutting anything that may contain bones, pits, seeds, hard pieces, or was previously frozen.

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