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Fine Ceramic Honing Rod (Natural Handle)

Fine Ceramic Honing Rod (Natural Handle)

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PEC is always interested in coupling the best with the best, and our relationship with ceramic rods is no different. The ceramic rod is our go-to recommendation for nearly ever knife - it promotes gentle, forgiving and precise honing.

Although technically an abrasive surface, fine ceramic's abrasion is virtually nonexistent; that is why PEC promotes it as a honing tool, rather than a sharpener. It is the preferred honing choice for not only many popular Japanese knives, but also any quality piece of cutlery.

Rod Cut/Grit

Fine Ceramic (approx. 2000)

Rod Shape




NOTE - gray marks will appear on the ceramic with use, but this does not effect its performance. There is no real need to clean it.

CAUTION - Ceramic is so hard it is brittle and can break if not careful.

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