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Mcusta Zanmai Beyond Aogami Super Petty

Mcusta Zanmai Beyond Aogami Super Petty

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Mcusta Zanmai’s Beyond Aogami Super series is stunning in both performance and aesthetic. The striking appeal of the Damascus blades with either their highlighting or contrasting handles, would make a fine addition to any kitchen. At the same time, the elegant performance of these hand-finished blades meets or exceed the needs of professionals and home-chefs alike.


Mirrored polished Blue Aogami core Sanmai


Blue Aogami Core, stainless steel clad



Bevel (Ratio)

Double (50:50)


Twisted Octagonal Hinoki Wood
Stainless steel ferrule
Decorative Mosaic Pin

Dishwasher not recommended. Sharpen with leather strop or whetstones. Make sure to wipe blade often and keep dry at all times. Patina (discoloration) is normal and can form on exposed carbon steel edge.

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