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Wusthof 12" Honing Steel

Wusthof 12" Honing Steel

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When that time comes that you need to touch up the sharp edge of your Wusthof knife the 12 steel is a good option. This is the deluxe Wusthof 12 inch steel it has a slightly larger shaft and more substantial can realign your knife edge quickly and easily. Honing steels are often confused as sharpeners. Your honing steel will realaign your knife edge but will not put a new edge on it. In trying to explain what a honing steel does try to imaging your sharpening steel and your toothbrush. It is a maintaince tool that you use everyday. In the case of your knife this would be maintaining the knifes edge. 


*Magnetic steel that attracts metal fibers

*Slip-resistant plastic handle fits comfortably in the hand

*Wipe clean with a damp cloth after each sharpening session

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