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Shun Kanso 9" Bread Knife

Shun Kanso 9" Bread Knife

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Do you bake or buy whole loaves of bread? Then this will be one of the most-used knives in your kitchen. The Shun Kanso Bread Knife cuts through bread quickly and easily, whether it's crusty or tender—and with less crumbing. The secret is our wide serrations. Kanso's wide, undulating serrations gently glide through bread so there's less tearing. Cakes and pastries benefit from the Shun Kanso Bread Knife's smooth cutting capabilities, too.

  • A simply beautiful bread knife to glide through the freshest loaves
  • AUS10A blade; additional vanadium refines the stainless steel, enabling a razor-sharp 16° edge, each side; high-carbon content offers strength, corrosion and wear resistance, high hardness
  • Tagayasan (or wenge) wood handle; beautiful, extremely hard, and dense, it is known as “iron sword wood”; contoured for secure grip
  • Full-tang construction for durability and precision balance
  • Handcrafted in Japan

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