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Shun Classic 4.5" Honesuki
Shun Classic Handle

Shun Classic 4.5" Asian Multi-Prep/Honesuke

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The Shun Classic Asian Multi-Prep (Honesuke) Knife features a 4.5" blade with a unique triangular shape that is ideal for maneuvering around bones and between joints. Known as a honesuke in Japan, this knife's smaller size provides complete cutting control as you process poultry and other proteins. Its razor-sharp 16° cutting edge makes removing breasts from bone easy and it cuts joint cartilage almost like butter. But that's not all this versatile knife can do. It's perfect for other food prep chores, too, from slicing shallots to trimming vegetables. When you want precision cutting, the Shun Classic Multi-Prep (Honesuke) Knife is a perfect choice.

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